T-USA 19 End of Tour Report

The Trundlers officially assembled in Seattle on Thurs 1st Aug to commence T-USA 19, some arrived earlier and later.

Tourists were #’s 3, 3.5, 16, 17, 18, 18.5, 26, 26.5, 44, 44.5, 45, 47, 48, 91, 91.5, 92 and 93 making it a very easy total group of 17 for the Headcount Portfolio (#17) to manage.

After checking into the luxurious Kings Inn (see Tripadvisor review by Jockey #26 highlighting the top points) and adopting the neighbouring Pineapple Hotel as a temporary h/q, the first team meeting involved portfolio allocations, rooming arrangements and a special welcome for first time tourists.

“Valuables Event #1” captured the fines master’s attention when Josh #93 (loaning his Dad’s number) disclosed he had left his tour backpack with all required tour kit and cricket whites in the safe possession of his Mother on Qld’s Sunshine Coast, some 7,357 miles away! No happy ending here.

Our first game was a T20 (which could have been the opposition average age also) against a combined team playing as Microsoft CC starting at 5pm the next day. Some eventful self-driving with Harmi #16 in complete control of the larger van followed some interesting navigation after the collection of our vehicles in Downtown Seattle earlier in the day.

The match was fairly one sided and introduced us to playing fields with very long grass and much younger opposition while exposing our lack of catching practice to spill no less than 9 opportunities. Back to the outfield grass, it was in fact long enough for debutant Leon #92 to lose his wedding ring in it during one of his acrobatic fielding efforts.

Other memorable highlights from our USA debut game included the full team unsuccessfully searching for the lost ring during the innings break and into nightfall, wicketkeeper Burgundy 44’s collecting of a “Joffra Archer” pace ball with his chest/shoulder (fortunately not neck!) instead of his gloves and our guest player Dillon who contributed strongly. We were also introduced to scoring in a technology driven world, with #93 having to log into a mobile phone to record activities.

The following day was one of much welcomed rest and included a tour of the Boeing factory, about 45 mins drive from our hotel before gathering at the Pineapple for a fines session with Casualty #48 and a very entertaining and closely fought quiz conducted by Jockey #26.

Sunday arrived after a late night dinner and drinks event with games 2 and 3 scheduled as T20’s at a different venue in Seattle but with the now familiar long grass, thus robbing many Trundlers of traditional run scoring opportunities.

Results and the very hot weather were similar to the first game, however the hospitality and friendliness of the host teams was absolutely outstanding, along with guest Dillon’s follow up performances for us.

Even better news arrived later in the day when #92 confirmed his ring-seeking metal detecting contractor had found the lost item on the Match 1 field after 10 hours of paid searching. “Valuables Event #2” solved with a happy ending.

A free night was called to celebrate the 18’s delayed arrival and allow tourists the opportunity to farewell Seattle in their own way.

Monday saw the challenges of check-out, luggage loading and a 3 vehicle navigation/driving formation out of Seattle handled fairly smoothly as we departed for Spokane some 5-6 hours inland into Washington State on a very hot day.

Lunch in a historic German town Leavenworth was about half way and our next 3 vehicle meeting point.

This will always be remembered as “Burgundy 44’s USA Diner Experience” when he decided that the safest place for his back-pack containing his cash/passport/airline tickets/last testament and will/POD card was under the table in the diner for the next few days. The good news was #44.5 didn’t get to the stage of requiring the “will” although rumours were strong she was considering it and the backpack with all contents in-tact were reunited with #44 a few days later courtesy of FedEx and some helpful hosts.

“Valuables Event #3” also solved to the relief of #44, imagine going the rest of the tour without a POD Card!

Arrival into Spokane on a hot afternoon was met with a tremendous gathering of hosts and friends on a tennis court organised by Andy #00 and Helen #00.5, all in celebratory mood to show us their beloved part of Washington State. Bbq food, lots of strong beer and great wine and numerous games/activities delivered new friends instantly and quelled any nerves of both hosts and billets.

“Valuables Event #4” also arrived with us in Spokane when Baldy #47 confirmed the Kings Inn in Seattle were taking good care of his passport some 6 hours drive behind us! More local help and a return of the FedEx courier van solved the problem before our departure to Oregon on Friday.

Activities organised by hosts during our 4 day stay included tennis, pickleball, river floating, kayaking, fishing, lakes, darts, shopping and a group cycling day on the Hiawatha Trail in Montana where we travelled through Idaho also to get there.

Our games during this leg of the tour included an extremely hot day in Pullman for a 40/40 on Tuesday (Match 4), travel was scenic 2 hours from Spokane to this popular University town who fielded a mostly younger and fitter team to earn victory in a very friendly and hospitable game. Our Man of the Match that day was definitely Willy #17, standing both ends on the hottest day imaginable. When asked how he manages such extreme conditions, he simply replied “ Commando”!

A definite tour highlight was the T20 in Spokane (Match 5) starting at 5pm the next evening and after a full day of local activities. Agai, the long grass and very friendly, younger opposition conspired to defeat us but the vocal support of a record number of local hosts, friends and supporters made the match very memorable. With food and beers at the nearby No-Li Craft Brewery after the match, no complaints were registered as Brewery #45 continued to excel throughout the whole tour in his Drinks/hydration portfolio.

After a day of cycling in Montana on the Hiawatha Rail Trail, “Valuables Event #5” had a happy ending after Saint #18 decided to leave his back-pack and undisclosed contents behind when entering the final mile-long tunnel before performing the first ever mid-tunnel turnaround in the dark. Fortunately the search was cut short when a Good Samaritan cyclist handed it over to a very relieved #18.

After a meal in the historic town of Wallace, Idaho we returned to our host accommodation for the final sleep before heading to Portland, Oregon the next morning. Our 8.30am meeting point was special in that all hosts were there for a final group photo and goodbyes, the hospitality, generosity and friendship of this remarkable group of Washington State locals will be unlikely beaten.

The 6-7 hour drive to Portland included a lunch stop at a craft brewery in the Tri Cities before arriving at the Doubletree by Hilton in central Portland for an expected easy late afternoon check-in. The trip took in amazing scenery, particularly along the enormous Columbia River and was relatively uneventful until Sarah #91.5 decided to go one better than #92 and lose her wedding and engagement ring in either the car or the hotel car park. “Valuables Event #6” triggered an extensive search by frantic tourists, concerned hotel staff and curious onlookers before resulting in a random local finding them in the parking lot. Remarkably, the rings were unscathed and still wearable after vehicle movement to assist in the search process.

A free Friday night in Portland after a team fines session and some blue tablet prescription entertainment from Dr Jockey #26 saw splinter groups seeking different food and entertainment options in advance of the 8am assembly the following day for Match 6 at a venue in Salem, about a 1 hour drive from Portland.

Again the hospitality was exceptional, weather very hot and our cricket improved significantly to register our maiden tour victory with good catching, improved bowling and a match winning batting partnership between Brewery #45 & Rhino #91 saw us leave the ground and headed for the local Vagabond Craft Brewery in high spirits.

Battle hymn territory had finally arrived and with thanks to Willy#17, the welcome sounds of Trundler victory were belted out in the Lemongrass Thai restaurant. This was followed by a left-over food drop to the homeless on our way back to the Doubletree for a night cap and review of “where it all went right!”, a pleasant change.

Match 7 in Gresham, Portland saw the Oregon Cricket League field a much older team with a social mindset, thus resulting in another Battle Hymn opportunity for Willy #17. After exchanges of thank yous, gifts including salmon and chocolate, the Trundlers handed over our excess kit and tour items to the grateful appreciation of our very friendly opposition. After a drinks stop at their local English pub we returned victorious to the Doubletree for our in-house EOT Dinner.

With lots of food and drink, we were again entertained by #26 and celebrated Baldy #47’s stand-out and thoroughly deserved Man of Tour (MOT) award, followed by a closing Battle Hymn.

With thanks to everyone who participated in a wonderful tour full of life long memories, experiences and new friends, the efforts by all have been very worthwhile. And, as a little bonus, we have some multi-coloured entries for permanent addition to the duck shirt and have been introduced to the new age of scoring on a mobile device!

Until next time, Trundle safely and happily…do good.


Honest Trundlers T-USA 19

Battle Hymn (With thanks to Willy #17)


We met up in Seattle at the beginning of the tour,
Just what lay ahead of us no-one was really sure,
So we met at the Pineapple and we had a beer or four,
And the team goes trundling on.

The Kings Inn was no palace, of that there is no doubt,
But the beds were very comfy so we really shouldn’t pout,
With Jockey as their publicist they’ll soon sort it out,
And the team goes trundling on.

First game in Seattle, mind and spirit were willin’,
But 12 young Indian guys turned up & made a real killin’,
Our team also had its star – a ladies’ man called Dhillon,
And the team goes trundling on.

Stuey is our skipper, on tour he is the boss,
Our playing record’s not his fault, he never lost a toss!
He kept our spirits up when the score was Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss
And the team went trundling on.

3.5 Janine does a lot without us knowing,
She does heaps behind the scenes & really keeps us going,
She organised the tour to the factory of Boeing,
And the team goes trundling on.

Brewery & Baldy from Bowral they do hail,
They kept us well hydrated in that they did not fail,
Baldy even found some time to go out hunting quail,
And the team goes trundling on.

Senior tourist Harmi gets very easily bored,
He sent a What’s App message that proved to be a fraud,
So fines master Casualty put him to the sword!
And the team goes trundling on.

A little guy called Jockey is our entertainment man,
He brought along his .5, a lovely lass called Ann,
He donated his sunglasses to the Little Spokane,
And the team goes trundling on.

Burgundy’s from Tauranga and Ann-Marie is too,
A spell of wicketkeeping left his right tit black and blue,
So he turned his hand to bowling, he had them in the poo,
And the team goes trundling on

When Casualty went fishing he had a smile a mile wide,
The very stylish batsman takes most things in his stride,
But he was well and truly buggered when the grass was two feet high,
And the team goes trundling on.

The guy we all call Saint paid a late arrival tax,
He brought Jackie with him to keep him on the tracks,
A mid-tunnel liaison retrieved his backpack
And the team goes trundling on.

Rhino and Sarah make such a lovely pair,
She hadn’t watched a game of cricket till  she came over here,
Rhino holds our pursestrings and never turns a hair,
And the team goes trundling on.

Josh is a Yandina boy, his first two games were duds,
By the time he got to Spokane he hit form with a thud,
It was quite apparent he had trundling in his blood,
And the team goes trundling on.

Josh’s mate Leon lost a little bit of bling,
Two teams did a grid search but they couldn’t find a thing,
Ten hours with a detector and they found that bloody ring!
And the team goes trundling on.

Willy stands out in the sun all day – it seems a real feat,
But he has a simple strategy – it’s one you cannot beat,
He simply goes commando and it counteracts the heat,
And the team goes trundling on.

I feel sorry for you but there are verses still,
When Jockey spies tailenders he moves in for the kill,
But we’re all glad he’s got a supply of the blue pill,
And the team goes trundling on.

Passports and backpacks, of each we lost just two,
Burgundy and Baldy were in a real stew,
Then up stepped Fed Ex – they soon pulled them through,
And the team goes trundling on.

We have a wicketkeeper who we all know as Saint,
But it became apparent that a keeper he ain’t,
He had a gap between his hands as wide as Bass Strait,
And the team goes trundling on.

Ann-Marie’s a shopper, she goes from store to store,
And poor old Burgundy’s been out of luck all tour,
Once he got the blue pill he struck gold for sure,
And the team goes trundling on.

Portland’s our favorite venue, we put the locals in,
Rhino and Brewery took us to a win,
Did you notice that the skipper had an ear to ear grin?
And the team goes trundling on.

So now the tour is over we must say our goodbyes,
Isn’t it amazing the way that time just flies?
Congratulations Baldy on winning the big prize,
And the team goes trundling on.

Congratulations to Baldy #47 on winning MOT T-USA 19…

Congratulations to Neil (Baldy) Baldwin for a thoroughly deserved win in the T-USA 19 Man of Tour award to create history in America to receive this prestigious accolade.

Baldy 47 is always committed to whatever is required both on and off the field and was pleased to join us for his first HT Tour and play such active roles whenever required. Whether driving, sorting logistics, recovering a lost passport and giving his all on the field, these responsibilities were all accomplished like a veteran.

Baldy’s contributions to our Trundling group are highly valued and we look forward to seeing more of him, can someone remind him he will need a passport for NZ!

Well done #47, great recognition for a thoroughly deserving touring teammate and first class bloke.

Honest Trundlers Retain ANZAC Trophy in VOP Match…

Caloundra CC witnessed yet another great trophy match between HT & VOP on Sunday 28th May, with the Trundlers eventually coming out on top when reaching the required 164 from 40 overs with only a few overs to spare and with a large crowd in attendance (mostly touring 0.5’s). A sunny, happy day enjoyed by all – particularly Ace 11 who scored the winning runs after Harmi Harmison #16 unfortunately received another embroidery for duck shirt expenses.

As always, the game was played in great spirit, a testament to the long and deep friendships that now exist between the two teams with a brilliant day had by all.

Contributions were evenly spread across both team sheets, with Dax #30 deservedly awarded Man of the Match by VOP after a blistering 30 retired to set up the run chase beautifully!

Wishing the Valley success and good times for the rest of their 12th tour to Australia and we look forward to returning as always to NZ in Feb 2020.

HT19 End of Tour Report

An advance party of eleven Trundlers assembled in Queenstown on the afternoon of Wednesday 20 February. Three of the group [numbers 3, 9 and 16] had done some serious altitude training under the direction of number 29, in preparation for the tour. After watching number 16 get fleeced by a Travelex ATM, the group moved to the new accommodation at Arrowtown, chosen by number 3 to separate vulnerable tourists from the many distractions of Queenstown. Under the direction of number 45, improbable quantities of refreshment were procured in anticipation of the welcoming and portfolio allocation session.

Game 1: Central Otago Wanderers [COWs] vs Honest Trundlers, Oturehua, Thursday 21 February
With other grounds already rendered unavailable by the local obsession with rugby, COWs hosted us at the pleasant rural field in Oturehua, whose cricket club was founded in 1929. The task we faced was put in perspective by a quick calculation in the mini-bus, revealing the average age of the touring party to be 59.4, as we met our more youthful opposition. COWs batted first and set off at a cracking pace, taking 23 from the first six overs. Brewery was introduced to the attack and broke the opening partnership with his second delivery. Ted then succeeded in having a catch hit to the captain’s safe hands and Brewery rearranged the next batsman’s stumps to have the COWs 3-50. A succession of solid partnerships took COWs to an imposing total of 9-197. Toru and Brewery both finished with 3-23, the other successful bowlers being Ted and Trickster. Trickster then opened the batting with Toru and quickly raced to the retiring score, with numbers 3, 9 and 6 all departing for single-figure scores. Theo, Brewery and Harmy all made useful contributions, but the required run-rate steadily increased. We were given some hope by a rapid-fire 33 from Saint, including five 4s and a massive 6 which cleared the high fence behind the clubhouse and landed in the middle of the tennis court! After Ted and Ace were dismissed, our two retirees were back in the middle and fieldsmen disappeared into the middle distance as Trickster smashed boundaries. With 21 required from the last over, he miscued an attempted big hit and was caught for 49, including six 4s and two 6s, to leave us all out for 177. An extremely pleasant period of socialisation followed before we set out on the long drive back to Arrowtown.
COWs 9-197 [Brewery 3-23, Toru 3-23, Ted 2-34, Trickster 1-9] defeated Honest Trundlers 177 [Trickster 49, Saint 33 n.o. Brewery 20, Harmy 17]

Game 2: Millbrook CC vs Honest Trundlers, Millbrook, Friday 22 February
The arrival of number 61 reduced the average age of the party to 58.6 so we set out with a spring in our collective step on the very short trip to the Millbrook ground, now boasting a white picket fence and practice nets as well as the elegant pavilion. Tricksters, yesterday’s stand-out form batsman, opened with Saint but was dismissed in the second over. He was followed back to the shed by Brewery, who failed to take advantage of a rare dropped catch behind the wicket by Steve Fraser. Numbers 5 and 6 fell agonisingly short of the retirement score, being dismissed for 28 and 27 respectively, while Rowdy, Harmy and Toru all scored 15. Toru’s dismissal, caught on the boundary from a bowler whose three previous overs had gone for 18, heralded an amazing feat when Magic and Ace were caught from the next two deliveries to complete an unexpected hat-trick. That eventful last over saw our innings subside to a disappointing 9-151, a score that was never likely to be enough on the Millbrook synthetic wicket. The opening batsman raced to a fifty partnership, despatching Ted and Rowdy for six 4s and two 6s before the introduction of Brewery and Ace slowed the scoring rate. With three of the first four batsmen retiring, Millbrook moved effortlessly to 2-152 in only 28 overs. Trickster and Ace were the only successful bowlers. After the usual socialising at the ground, and ritual presentation of duck-shirts to Ace and Brewery, several Millbrook players accompanied us back to our nearby Arrowtown accommodation and celebrations continued late into the night.
Millbrook CC 2-152 [Trickster 1-3, Ace 1-15] defeated Honest Trundlers 9-151 [Saint 30 n.o. Theo 28, Forgetalot 27]

On Saturday 23 February, the twelve Trundlers boarded a flight to Christchurch, where our numbers were reinforced [and our average age reduced significantly] by the arrival of fresh legs from the mainland. Carbon #23, Datsun #75 and Watty #83 joined us at the Ashford Motel and we then met #67 Commander Banks for an afternoon net session.

Game 3: Valley of Peace vs Honest Trundlers, Swannanoa, Sunday 24 February
With the iconic Valley of Peace ground undergoing total reconstruction, the traditional Sunday game was moved to the artificial pitch at Swannanoa; probably a good thing, because the weather was very unkind and it might not have been possible to play at the Valley. We were delighted to have Willy and one of his colleagues arrive to umpire on a cool and damp day when nobody fancied going out to help them. We were greeted by our old friend the Jockey #26, unfortunately on crutches after an ill-advised second run the day before. Our innings started disastrously when Datsun was bowled by Jif #29, opening the bowling for Valley. Trickster and Forgetalot moved smoothly to retiring scores, with Watty the only other wicket to fall in the first twenty overs, at the end of which we were 2-91. Valley also started strongly and had reached 1-86 in their first twenty overs when we paused for lunch. After lunch, we accelerated our scoring. Carbon and Saint both retired, while Sharkin and Harmy weighed in with brisk scores of 24 and 25 respectively. At the end of the 40 overs, we had reached a competitive total of 5-224. With the ball damp, it was not easy to take wickets, but all the bowlers were steady and backed up by some enthusiastic fielding. Despite a hard-hitting innings by Jif, Valley were always slightly behind the required run-rate. With perfect symmetry, after having been five runs behind at the half-way mark they were ten runs short at the end. Saint, Brewery, Trickster and Datsun each picked up one wicket, while Toru and Rowdy also bowled tight six-over spells. After the presentation of the trophy, both teams adjourned to the China Kitchen for the traditional evening meal.
Honest Trundlers 5-224 [Saint 37 n.o. Carbon 36 n.o. Trickster 35 n.o. Forgetalot 29 n.o. Harmy 25 Sharkin 24] defeated Valley of Peace 4-224 [Saint 1-11, Datusn 1-29, Brewery 1-32, Trickster 1-34]

Game 4: Heathcote CC vs Honest Trundlers, Heathcote, Monday 25 February
After heavy rain overnight and another shower in the morning, we assumed that the Heathcote wicket would be unplayable and the match transferred to the nearby synthetic pitch where we had played in 2018. It was a very pleasant surprise to find that the ground was in very good shape, largely because the preceding six weeks had been very dry. All that was needed was some sawdust on the bowlers’ approach at the southern end, allowing the game to start on time. Heathcote batted first and, as usual, JG teed off on our opening bowlers. With two retirees, Heathcote raced to a daunting 1-153 in their first 25 overs. Our response began slowly against a very tight opening attack, and we were only 1-22 after nine overs, with Datsun back in the shed. Magic and Watty both reached the retiring score of 40 to see us 4-127 after 25 overs, trailing by 26. We had another session of chasing leather after lunch as Heathcote went on to reach 4-272 at the end of their 45 overs. The only respectable bowling figures were Brewery’s 1-11 off five overs. With an imposing target of 146 from 20 overs, Trundlers went on the attack. Theo was unlucky to be caught on the boundary after a quick-fire 34, including four 4s and a 6. Saint also reached the retiring score of 40, Rowdy and Toru weighed in with valuable contributions, and retirees Magic and Watty came back in to chase the target, but we were dismissed in the 44th over for 253. We had made up some ground, but the lead after the first 25 overs was just too big a gap to bridge. After the presentation of the Broken Inn trophy, both teams adjourned to the Valley Inn for food and drink.
Heathcote CC 4-272 [Ted 2-47, Brewery 1-11, Carbon 1-26] defeated Honest Trundlers 253 [Watty 48, Trickster 47, Saint 43 n.o. Theo 34, Rowdy 22]

Game 5: Swannanoa CC vs Honest Trundlers, Swannanoa, Tuesday 26 February
We arrived again at Swannanoa’s ground [the SCG] to find the weather significantly warmer than when we had been there on the Sunday; the evidence of the cooler weather was the snow visible on the hills beyond the ground. As is now traditional at this venue, the children from the local primary school came over to the ground and sang us a welcome. It was agreed that both teams would bat 12 and field 12, with a compulsory first slip in place throughout. Datsun took two early wickets in a fine opening spell, but the other Swannanoa batsman had little trouble; after the first 25 overs, the score stood at 2-148. We also lost two early wickets. Saint and Trickster again reached the retiring score, but we lost wickets regularly and after our first 25 overs, we were a precarious 5-130 at the lunch break. Invigorated by the fine spread on offer, our bowling and fielding stepped up a notch for the afternoon session. Tight spells by Toru, Rowdy and Trickster saw Swannanoa struggle to 6-234, meaning they had only added 86 runs in the 20 overs, despite having plenty of wickets in hand. Needing 105 to win from our last twenty overs, we saw Rowdy and Datsun retire, then Harmy scored a quick 18 before running himself out. Sharkin, Theo and Brewery weighed in with very useful contributions before Saint and Rowdy returned, the latter getting us home with one over to spare with a crashing cover drive off the back foot. The two teams adjourned to Jockey’s home for a sumptuous Japanese meal and extended socialisation.
Honest Trundlers 9-236 [Saint 42 n.o. Rowdy 37 n.o. Trickster 34, Datsun 32 n.o.] defeated Swannanoa CC 6-234 [Trickster 2-12, Datsun 2-34, Sharkin 1-11]

Game 6: Akaroa Goatherders vs Honest Trundlers, Diamond Harbour, Wednesday 27 February
The Herders batted first and began slowly against steady bowling from Rowdy and Brewery, who only conceded five runs in the first four overs. Gradually the batsmen got on top to reach 0-93 after the first 20 overs. All our early batsmen except Lance got a start, and after 20 overs we were a competitive 2-86 with Datsun and Toru both having retired. The Goatherders accelerated in their second session to reach 5-218, with four of their batsmen having retired. Brewery again starred with the ball to return the excellent figures of 3-21 from his six overs. Our middle order fell away in the run chase. Rowdy scored 28, Saint was dismissed for the first time on tour for 23, Datsun returned to reach 36 and Toru remained not out when our innings folded for a disappointing 192. Both teams moved to the nearby café, where our evening meals had been pre-ordered. After a convivial session we set out on the road to Akaroa, where we arrived to find drizzling rain.
Akaroa Goatherders 5-218 [Brewery 3-21, Trickster 1-21, Ted 1-25] defeated Honest Trundlers 192 [Datsun 36, Toru 28 n.o. Rowdy 28, Saint 23, Watty 22]

Game 7: Akaroa Goatherders vs Honest Trundlers, Akaroa, Thursday 28 February
The rain had cleared to a cool, crisp morning. As had happened many times before, Pointer and Snow Goose opened for Akaroa and absolutely teed off. After only six overs, Pointer had retired and the Herders were 0-47. Trundlers were glumly looking to chasing a score close to 300. Brewery came on and immediately took a wicket, then Ace began a match-turning spell with two wicket-maidens. After 20 overs, Akaroa were a rocky 5-112. Trundlers began confidently on the synthetic wicket, so the only dismissal in the first 20 overs was Steve Fraser being run out! Datsun, Saint and Toru all reached the retiring score, so we were comfortably placed at the lunch break with 1-118. After the usual great Akaroa lunch, including seafood successfully hunted that morning by Datsun and Watty, Ace continued his fine spell. Trickster and Brewery also weighed in with wickets to restrict the Herders to 195. A rare experience for the ages: Bob Masefield was actually bowled twice in one afternoon! With wickets in hand and only 78 needed from 20 overs, the run chase was always under control. Watty and Theo each scored 22, with useful contributions from Jason and Harmy to see us home in the 38th over. The traditional meal at La Thai followed drinks and presentations at the ground.
Honest Trundlers 4-197 [Saint 31 n.o. Datsun 31 n.o. Toru 30 n.o Watty 22, Theo 22] defeated Akaroa Goatherders 9-195 [Ace 4-22, Brewery 3-26, Trickster 1-2, Toru 1-7, Steve 1-22]

Game 8: ANZAC match, Jif’s 29ers vs Harmy’s Jungle XI, Akaroa, Friday 1 March
The now-traditional final match of the tour was a ten-a-side fixture this year. Harmy’s Jungle XI batted first and were 4-114 after 20 overs, with Jingles, Roly, Steve and Theo all having retired. In reply, Jif’s 29ers were a comfortable 2-102 with Compass and Forgetalot both having retired. After lunch, Jason and Toru retired, then Jingles and Roly returned for some vigorous hitting to take the Jungle XI to an imposing 5-218. Jif’s team were always struggling after a devastating spell by Harmy, leading from the front to remove Brewery, Ace and his opposing captain Jif in five action-packed overs. Magic and Bob Masefield were left with a challenging run-rate, coming down to needing 44 from the last two overs. After 15 from the 34th over, Bob took to Roly’s bowling on the hope of an improbable 29 from the last over. With two sixes and two fours from the first four balls, anything seemed possible. It came down to needing another six from the last ball to win. Bob swung mightily to the leg side, but the ball landed about a metre inside the boundary, to give Harmy’s Jungle XI an exciting win by just one run. After the usual post-match socialisation, the Trundlers cleaned up for the end-of-tour dinner at Bully Hayes. Number 6, Lance Tegg, a.k.a Forgetalot, was a popular choice as Man of the Tour.

#6 is HTNZ19 MOT Winner…

Congratulations to Lance “Forgetalot” Tegg #6 for a richly deserved win in the 2019 HTNZ  Man of Tour award after a significant touring absence.

#6 received the award at Bully Hayes in Akaroa at the conclusion of another unforgettable tour which included a touring party of 15 HT’s, numerous NZHT’s and many 0.5’s.

#6 excelled on the field all trip, with his entertainment value and dress-code sense always guaranteed to delight any audience.

Upon receiving his award from #9 as HTNZ18 winner, Forgetalot responded that his only regret was his long suffering 0.5 Berit being unable to witness this momentous occasion and please take numerous photos in case I ‘forget” this actually happened!

Well done #6, great recognition from your touring teammates to a thoroughly deserving (albeit very forgetful) Honest Trundler.

Honest Trundlers Regain ANZAC Trophy in VOP Match…

Caloundra CC witnessed yet another enthralling trophy match between HT & VOP on Tues 22nd May, with the Trundlers eventually coming out on top when reaching the required 231 from 45 overs with only an over to spare in fading light and with a large crowd in attendance (mostly touring 0.5’s).

As always, the game was played in great spirit, a testament to the long and deep friendships that now exist between the two teams with a brilliant day had by all.

Contributions were evenly spread across both team sheets, with the Trundlers’ exciting run chase kick-started by an elegant and confident #16 who had no trouble taking on the opposition’s best bowlers in reaching a rapid 30. This set HT on their way to an exciting victory with WT#10 hitting the winning runs.

Harmi Harmison #16 was deservedly awarded Man of the Match by VOP after also breaking the opening partnership with a clever one over spell of difficult to read bowling!

Wishing the Valley success and good times for the rest of their 11th tour to Australia and we look forward to returning as always to NZ in Feb 2019.

Goatherders Reclaim Gerald’s Ashes…

The Goatherders second tour to Queensland (first since 2010) has proved a wonderful success both on and off the field, with the highlight being victory under lights at Caloundra CC in a day/night 100 over game split into two matches to reclaim Gerald’s Ashes trophy. The urn itself is safely stored in Akaroa due to quarantine restrictions but this did not stop the expected celebrations by a victorious group of 13 touring Herders with 9 x 0.5’s who were on hand to witness the exciting finish.

A brilliant time was had by both teams and the tour finished on a high on Sunday at Shailer Park in Brisbane with a 10 run victory over a strong Griffith Uni Old Boys team featuring Whispering Ted (HT#10) at the bowling crease. A special thanks is extended to GH#1, GH#2 and GH#8 for all the organising and effort that goes into making the Goatherders such a successful concept.

We look forward to the next opportunity to host the Herders in Qld (hopefully not another 8 years away) and we eagerly await our return to the Banks Peninsula in Feb 2019.

Best wishes and safe travels to all,

The Honest Trundlers

#9 Creates Honest Trundler MOT History…

Congratulations to LHM #9 for a thoroughly deserved win in the 2018 HTNZ  Man of Tour award and thus becoming the first Trundler to win multiple HTNZ MOT trophies.

#9 received the award at Flames in Queenstown at the conclusion of another unforgettable tour which included curling, cycling, twister and the induction of two new NZ based HT’s (#44 & #50).

#9 excelled on the field all trip, with his usual balance of creativity and mystery also on display in the “finance” portfolio along with the introduction of the new “Poetry, Musings &Homework” portfolio to supplement the declining number of Brotherhood Coasters still in his magic trick bag.

Well done #9, great recognition from your touring teammates to a thoroughly deserving Honest Trundler.

HTNZ 18 End of Tour Report

The touring party flew into Christchurch from various places on the afternoon of Wednesday February 21, an unusually late start to the tour to allow Rowdy 61 to celebrate his half-century with his family before coming to NZ. Toru and Harmy were already in the South Island, having walked the Kepler Track before the tour. They were joined by numbers 5, 9, 10, 11, 18, 30, 41, 45 and 61 to make a bare eleven, leaving no room for the injuries some tourists were alleged to be carrying. Portfolios were allocated and the team transferred to the Ashford motel for just the first night. The wet weather which had hit the South Island the previous day was still around, so prospects for the following day did not look bright.

Thursday 22 February Game 1 vs Akaroa Goatherders at Little River, a 30 over game after rain made Diamond Harbour unplayable and delayed the start after transferring the fixture to Little River and waiting for the rain to stop. The two captains initially agreed to play a 25-over game, then revised the plan when the weather brightened.

Akaroa Goatherders batted first and after a slow start against tidy bowling, accelerated in the later overs to reach a competitive total of 5-177. Rowdy started the tour well with the ball, bowling a consistent length with good shape to snare two early wickets. When we batted, Magic, Brewery and Brindle all reached the retiring score of 25, but we gradually fell behind the required run rate after Saint was run out for 14. Harmy and Dax both achieved second-ball ducks, Harmy being bowled and Dax falling to a spectacular diving catch by Pinky. The innings ended quietly when Ace was left by an irresponsible Ted to face the last four balls, but he nudged a single to avoid competing with Harmy and Dax for the two available duck shirts.

Goatherders 7-177 (Orford 2-16, Dax 1-20, Stu 1-18, Harmy 1-16, Saint 1-10)

HT 6-114 (Magic 25 no, Brewery 25 no, Brindle 25 no, Saint 14, Toru 13 no)

Friday 23 Feb game 2 vs Akaroa Goatherders at Akaroa

There was a minor rearrangement of players before the game, with Harmy and Dutch joining the Herders in return for TJ and the promised later arrival of Pointer. The highlight of this match was a great start by Rowdy, three wickets in a five over opening spell with two catches dropped. This match-winning effort set the locals back on their heels, with three wickets down for 14. The Herders limped to a shaky 6-90 after 20 overs. The Trundlers had the worst possible start, Brewery caught behind from the first ball of the innings for a royal duck. Steady bowling and keen fielding saw us 5-82 after 20 overs at the lunch break, with our guest TJ Masefield having retired.

The Herders rallied after lunch with Dutchie retiring and solid contributions from the tail before the innings was ended by a good spells from Jason and a last wicket to Brewery. Saint took a second good catch at extra cover. Hopes were high for a rare victory at Akaroa, with Trundlers needing just 63 from 20 with wickets in hand. The locals fought back strongly and we lost wickets, with our captain shouldering arms to lose his off stump and see us a precarious 7-87. With only TJ in the shed, Ted joined Jason for a solid partnership that took us to the brink of victory when Jason retired with the score 135. Team-mates were startled to see them run four twos in one over. After Magic holed out to give Harmy a well-earned wicket, TJ returned with only 7 needed from three overs. He hit a six to tie the scores. Ted was then stumped trying to hit the winning run, bringing Jason back to join TJ as the last pair with one run needed. As a limp end to the match, Harmy bowled a wide to take the Trundlers to a rare win at Akaroa. Ted was awarded a cake of goat soap for his effort with the bat.

Goatherders 144 (Rowdy 3-17, JT 2-12, Jason 3-18, Magic 1-19)

Honest Trundlers 9-145 (JT 30 n.o. Jason 30 n.o.)

Saturday 24 Feb ANZAC match Harmy’s team vs Jiff’s team

With depleted numbers, the annual ANZAC match was a nine-a-side 35-over fixture. Harmy’s side batted first and made a confident start. The innings was dominated by the locals with Hubert, Roly and Gordon Fulton all retiring. Magic was left cold by Harmy to be run out for a duck, seeing the two in line for a rare double-entry on the duck shirt and Harmy awarded goose of the day. Jiff’s team chased the total confidently after Dutchie was out for a duck to leave the score 1-1. Hamish and Saint put the innings on a solid basis, then Jiff and Toru both retired. When Ted was out to a stunning catch by Hubert from Magic’s gentle outswinger, Saint returned to join Brewery. With four needed from the last over, Saint smashed the first ball to the boundary to bring Jiff’s team home. It ended a famous run of victories by the Jungle XI, guided to four consecutive wins by Harmy.

Harmy’s team 7-177 (Hubert 37, Roly 33, Gordon 31 no, Dax 31 no, Harmy 13, Saint 2-29, Toru 3-29)

Jiff’s team 5-179 (Hamish 33, Saint 34 no, Jiff 31 no, Toru 30 no, Brewery 13 no, Magic 1-20, Gordon 1-20, Jason 1-25, Rowdy 1-29)

Sunday 25 February Game 4 vs Valley of Peace

A fine morning greeted us on arrival at the famous ground. It was agreed that the traditional 50-over match would be played in 25-over quarters. Valley batted first and Ted bowled his usual opening spell, then Rowdy from the other end struck to break the opening partnership. A smart catch by Saint removed the dangerous Bob Masefield, but the other opener was still there at the end of the 25 overs with Valley 4-99. The highlight of the morning session was a spectacular leaping one-handed catch by Saint, now our go-to man for the crucial extra cover position. Tricksta and Magic gave Trundlers a good start until Magic lost his off stump. Toru joined Tricksta for the best partnership of the innings, ended when Tricksta departed for a solid 38. At lunch, we were well placed at 3-83. After the usual sumptuous Valley lunch, the hosts cracked on against some fielding showing the effects of a 50-over game to reach 8-215. The target of 133 from 25 overs was always daunting under the unique Valley scoring system. Toru departed for a brisk 34 and wickets fell regularly to the crafty spin attack and solid fielding of our hosts. After Gordon Fulton and Valley captain Brent both took catches going over the boundary to give us four runs, Brent took a great diving catch to remove Dutchie, who had hit Bob Masefield over the top three times already in that over. When all seemed lost, Brewery joined Rowdy for a hard-hitting partnership that took us to the brink of a famous win. In the end, the task was just a bit too much and we fell ten runs short in an exciting finish. Valley took the trophy to make the overall record 11-10 in this very even series.

Valley of Peace 7-215 (Dax 2-23, Ace 1-26, Rowdy 1-31, Ted 1-31, Toru 1-30)

Honest Trundlers 8-205 (Tricksta 38, Toru 34, Brewery 30 no, Rowdy 32 no, Dutchie 22)

Monday 26 February Game 5 vs Heathcote

Steady rain greeted us on a bleak Monday morning. It was agreed to delay our departure for Heathcote until 11 a.m. in the hope it might be possible to play a shortened match on a synthetic pitch. The outcome was a 35 over match with each team to bat first for 20 overs, then 15. With twelve players available, Ted was rested and shared umpiring duties with Phil Harris.

Heathcote was rocked by two early wickets to Rowdy to be 2-11, then KC chipped in to see them 4-28 and Trundlers right on top. JG and Grunter both retired to steady the ship, then Ron was out on the last ball of the 20th over to see them 5-77. Trundlers lost Tricksta, Rowdy, Burgundy and Harmy to be 4-26 in the 13th, then also lost KC to be 5-80 after 20, meaning the game was evenly poised. Heathcote continued to struggle in their second session until Grunter and JG returned, with JG hitting two sixes from the last two balls to spoil Ace’s otherwise impressive figures and end the innings at 9-161. Our chase wobbled with Dutchie and Brewery both getting ducks and Dax only 1. Some hard hitting by Magic, Saint and Toru took us to within four runs, but Heathcote were the deserving winners. Both teams returned to the Heathcote clubhouse for after-match formalities and a catch-up fines session which dramatically boosted the tour coffers.

Heathcote Travellers 9-161 (JG 47 no, Grunter 36 no, KC 2-6 off 6, Ace 3-29, Rowdy 2-18, Dax 2-9)

HT 8-157 (Saint 35 no, Toru 28 no, Magic 37 no, Burgundy 14, Theo 0, Brewery 0)

Tuesday 27 February. Game 6 vs Swannanoa Cricket Club

As is their usual custom, Swannanoa greeted us with the local school children singing both national anthems, followed this year by a Maori song of greeting before the match began.

HT took the field and Swannanoa were rocked by two early wickets to be 2-1, with Ace and Toru both having success in their first overs, Ace seeing a smart stumping by Tricksta and Toru provoking the number three to chip a catch to Dutchie. Swannanoa dug in to be 3-82 after 20 overs. HT responded with a very solid start from Magic and Tricksta, both retiring. Burgundy’s wicket was the only one to fall in the pre-lunch session, seeing HT a strong 1-94 after 20 overs. After a sumptuous lunch in the village hall, Swannanoa attacked the bowling and cracked on to be 5-224 after 40 overs, with Jiff leading the way with a hard-hitting captain’s knock. Set a daunting target of 131 from 20 overs, all the HT batsmen played aggressively. Dutchie and Dax both powered to the retirement score. Brewery departed to the rare sight of an LBW decision on a Trundlers tour, but that was the only dismissal in the second half of the innings. With Toru and Saint at the crease, we powered home in the 39th over for our first ever win at Swannanoa.

Swannanoa 5-224 (Jiff 30 no, Ace 2-18, Toru 2-29, Rowdy 1-24)

HT 3-225 (Tricksta 31 no, Magic 32 no, Dutchie 33 no, Dax 32 no, Toru 26 no, Brewery 25, Saint 12 no, Burgundy 14, Rowdy 13)

Wednesday 28 February, the team farewelled Tricksta and Rowdy who flew out in the early hours. The remaining tourists caught a flight to Queenstown where we were joined by number 6, Lance Tegg aka Forgetalot. We drove in two buses to the small town of Naseby, via a lunch stop in Clyde. After checking in to the three cottages where we were to stay for two nights, we donned warm clothing and went to the Maniototo ice rink to try the peculiar sport of curling. After mostly demonstrating our incompetence on the ice and seeing number 6 hit the deck as we tried to organise a group photo, we returned to the Ancient Briton for a very fine evening meal.

Thursday 1 March game 7 vs Naseby cricket club/ Maniototo Cavaliers

This new fixture was against the local team on their small ground in the centre of the town, with a synthetic pitch. A 1 p.m. start was arranged for a 40-over match. Magic and Saint gave us a solid start, with Saint going on to reach the retiring score. After bright contributions from Dax and Harmy, Stuart was joined by a returning Saint to accelerate the scoring. We closed with what looked like a competitive 9-162. Naseby lost two early wickets to Magic and Ace, both bowled playing across the line, to give the Trundlers a sniff. However, the other batsmen also hit across the line to devastating effect. The remaining opener thumped three sixes from one over to see Naseby 60 after only six overs, and the carnage continued with following batsmen smashing six after six; one bounced over a fence into a house fifty yards beyond the boundary, another landed in the post office across the road, and a couple threatened spectators well away from the field. Jason picked up two wickets and Dax one, but the runs just kept flowing. The target was reached in only twenty overs, with rain starting to fall just as the teams shared after-match beers. The teams then repaired to the Ancient Briton, where conviviality ensued until late in the night.

Honest Trundlers 9-163 (Saint 46 no, Toru 29no, Harmy 26)

Naseby 5-164 (Jason 2-28, Dax 1-28, Ace 1-36)

Friday 2 March

The scheduled game against Central Otago Wanderers was a victim of the overnight rain, reducing the urgency to get under way for the team to be cycling the Central Otago Rail Trail. We transferred to Rainfurly for breakfast and provisioning, then assembled at Wedderburn to be equipped with cycles, helmets and torches for the expedition. Most of the group pedalled to Omakau, with a few opting out at Lauder and going by bus via the historic town of Ophir and a scarily ancient bridge to the arranged lunch in the Commercial Hotel. No injuries were reported, the lunch was enjoyed and the team moved back to Lauder for our overnight accommodation. Bruce and Esmee accommodated us in the converted school, and Bruce brought out his ukulele for an impromptu music session. The team strolled across the road for dinner in the Lauder Hotel.

Saturday 3 March

The team went back to Queenstown to return the hired buses, then take the Super Shuttle to Peppers for the final two nights of the tour. We were startled when we passed the Frankton golf course near the airport to see golfers in various states of fancy dress and almost complete undress; we later learned that it was a charity golf event. With the more conventional New Zealand Open golf tournament in its final stages at Millbrook, the town was jumping, but a quiet night was the general approach to our traditional Arrowtown match against Millbrook Cricket Club. Dinner in My Thai had been arranged by the Saint, once again a marvellously effective night-time Captain.

Sunday 4 March Game 8 vs Millbrook at Arrowtown

Trundlers fielded first at Arrowtown and, as usual, the Millbrook batsmen attacked from the start. After Ace’s opening over went for 5, Ted took 1-11 in an action-packed first over. Magic struck in the 11th over, then Toru hit the stumps in the 14th and 20th overs to see Millbrook 4-93 at the break. The Trundlers did not bat well against an attack that was steady without being devastating to be 6-47 in the 14th over, with Dutchie earning the duck shirt for the third time on this tour. We limped to a disappointing 7-73 after the first twenty overs, making our chances very slim. Millbrook had organised caterers to bring in a wonderful lunch, complete with a pavlova the size of a small child. We waddled back onto the field and bowled like players who had enjoyed a great lunch. Magic and Brewery picked up a wicket each, then Toru struck twice, with his second wicket the unusual sight at Millbrook of an LBW decision in favour of the visitors. Ace wrapped up the innings with two late wickets to see our hosts bowled out for 203. We never looked like threatening that total after Magic departed for a bright 16. Ted joined Toru and they batted patiently to avoid the embarrassment of an early finish; the captain retired and returned soon after to be 43 not out when the innings folded in the 40th over for 147, leaving Millbrook very comfortable winners. As they were celebrating 25 years, Fraser Skinner used the occasion to present Millbrook vests to all the Trundlers.

Millbrook 203 (Toru 4-11, Magic 2-16, Ace 2-41, Brewery 1-16, Ted 1-41)

Honest Trundlers 147 (Toru 43 no, Magic 16, Ted 16, Dax 12)

The team assembled at Flames for the end-of-tour dinner. Left Hand Magic inducted Burgundy into the brotherhood, having spotted him writing with his left hand despite the fact that he bats and bowls right-handed, as well as presenting the women at the dinner with colourful silly hats and the two Trundlers suffering back problems with a Twister game. Given his contribution to the team morale, it was no surprise when Magic was a popular choice as Man of the Tour in a photo-finish ahead of the Saint.

The win-loss ratio of the tour was a disappointing 2-6 with one match washed out. The stand-out performance on the field was that of our fearless leader, the end-of-tour audit showing he had scored over 200 runs while only being dismissed twice, for a Bradmanesque average above 100, as well as picking up 11 wickets and constantly showing the way in the field. The touring group presented Stuart with a book as a small token of appreciation for his organisational efforts in an outside ceremony on the Queenstown wharf, before the traditional end-of-tour Battle Hymn concluded the evening.

It is appropriate to recognise in this report the wonderful contribution of Peter Williams to the success and enjoyability of the entire tour. A qualified and experienced first-class umpire, he controlled seven of our eight games with quiet authority. The luxury of having a traveling umpire was greatly appreciated by the whole touring party, especially by those players who usually volunteer to do that job.