Old soldiers never die – they just retire

At 11.01 am on 28 February 2016 #67 (“Sonny Bill”)1 ventured from the pavilion at The Valley of Peace to open the innings for The Valley for the last time. As is customary, #67 was a tad late in getting his gear on but this allowed time for both teams, The Valley of Peace and the Honest Trundlers to form an honour guard. The players provided #67 with a rousing reception; perhaps enough to bring a tear to the eye of a grown man.

Next visualise #67 taking guard, a perusal of the fielding placements and a glance at the bowler,#11 (“Ace”) from the Honest Trundlers, with ball in hand at the Pavilion end.  As brisk as ever Ace put the ball there or thereabouts only to find #67 on the front foot caressing the ball through covers to the boundary. This batting stroke epitomised a career of class at the crease2.

Of course there is more to #67 than just his cricketing life.  There is the beautiful Juliet (Pod Cross 2013) and there are colleagues, team mates and opponents who are proud to have #67 as a friend. On that note special mention is made of the wonderful friendship shared between #67 and #3 who together have made so much possible.


  1. Whilst referred to as #67 the Honest Trundlers recognize #67’s primary membership is of The Valley Of Peace Cricket Club.
  2. No mention shall be made of #67’s final dismissal but for the record #67 scored 39 runs more than Bradman did in his final innings.


Its not about the money…

Each Year, around February, the Honest Trundlers gather their thoughts and kit to ready themselves for a trundling tour to Christchurch NZ. At the back of each Trundler’s mind is one question – will the Dutch Fines Master (#5) be on tour?

Fortunately #5 never lets any one down and has always arrived to fulfill his portfolio duties of maintaining order by imposing fines.  The portfolio is the most arduous of all portfolios in that it require vigilance for almost 24 hours per day and the ability to see the big picture.  The Treasurer, #23, says that it is the hardest he works all year in collecting the fines levied.

The Honest Trundlers have been blessed to have such a dedicated Trundler who travels the world to participate.  We thank and salute #5 from the bottom of our pockets.


TOD award goes to #23

The youth policy adopted by the HT selector in 2007 proved to be a winner.

In a moving speech #3 awarded #23 (“Carbon”) the inaugural Trundler Of Decade award. Keeping it there or thereabouts for 10 tours of the Honest Trundlers to NZ is a feat of Podmore proportions.  Further, to achieve the feat whilst improving your cricket tour on tour is something else.  #3 said about #23 that watching him bowl, bat, field and keep were like being in multiple master classes and belied #23’s Golden Duck in the final game of the 2016 tour at The Valley of Peace.

In a light and jovial reply #23 reminisced of the 10 trundling years, acknowledging the significance of the Honest Trundlers and the support of his employer!

Age shall not weary them ….. and as is custom #23 looks forward to another 10 years of trundling so that he may present the next winner with the Trundler of Decade award in 2026.

PS. Next poll question – Can #23 win back to back Trundler of Decade awards?


MOT 2016 in a safe pair of hands

Any man who can deliver babies without dropping them obviously has a safe pair of hands and in the case of our Man Of Tour in Christchurch NZ 2016 we could find a no safer pair of hands than #61 (“Rowdy”). Being the unequivocal choice of his peers #61 was presented with the memorabilia that goes with the MOT award by last year’s winner, #9, in what was a magic ceremony.

#61, in his acceptance speech reflected on his journey, particularly the encouragement he received early in his trundling career to “give it away”. The runs, wickets and catches (including dropped) were plentiful only to prove that inspiration and determination are a powerful brew (to borrow words from elsewhere).

Of course success brings it’s rewards and #61 will continue to reap the benefits of his 2016 tour long after his return to Oz. Tick.

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