MOT 2016 in a safe pair of hands

Any man who can deliver babies without dropping them obviously has a safe pair of hands and in the case of our Man Of Tour in Christchurch NZ 2016 we could find a no safer pair of hands than #61 (“Rowdy”). Being the unequivocal choice of his peers #61 was presented with the memorabilia that goes with the MOT award by last year’s winner, #9, in what was a magic ceremony.

#61, in his acceptance speech reflected on his journey, particularly the encouragement he received early in his trundling career to “give it away”. The runs, wickets and catches (including dropped) were plentiful only to prove that inspiration and determination are a powerful brew (to borrow words from elsewhere).

Of course success brings it’s rewards and #61 will continue to reap the benefits of his 2016 tour long after his return to Oz. Tick.

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