TOD award goes to #23

The youth policy adopted by the HT selector in 2007 proved to be a winner.

In a moving speech #3 awarded #23 (“Carbon”) the inaugural Trundler Of Decade award. Keeping it there or thereabouts for 10 tours of the Honest Trundlers to NZ is a feat of Podmore proportions.  Further, to achieve the feat whilst improving your cricket tour on tour is something else.  #3 said about #23 that watching him bowl, bat, field and keep were like being in multiple master classes and belied #23’s Golden Duck in the final game of the 2016 tour at The Valley of Peace.

In a light and jovial reply #23 reminisced of the 10 trundling years, acknowledging the significance of the Honest Trundlers and the support of his employer!

Age shall not weary them ….. and as is custom #23 looks forward to another 10 years of trundling so that he may present the next winner with the Trundler of Decade award in 2026.

PS. Next poll question – Can #23 win back to back Trundler of Decade awards?


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