Its not about the money…

Each Year, around February, the Honest Trundlers gather their thoughts and kit to ready themselves for a trundling tour to Christchurch NZ. At the back of each Trundler’s mind is one question – will the Dutch Fines Master (#5) be on tour?

Fortunately #5 never lets any one down and has always arrived to fulfill his portfolio duties of maintaining order by imposing fines.  The portfolio is the most arduous of all portfolios in that it require vigilance for almost 24 hours per day and the ability to see the big picture.  The Treasurer, #23, says that it is the hardest he works all year in collecting the fines levied.

The Honest Trundlers have been blessed to have such a dedicated Trundler who travels the world to participate.  We thank and salute #5 from the bottom of our pockets.


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