#9 Creates Honest Trundler MOT History…

Congratulations to LHM #9 for a thoroughly deserved win in the 2018 HTNZ  Man of Tour award and thus becoming the first Trundler to win multiple HTNZ MOT trophies.

#9 received the award at Flames in Queenstown at the conclusion of another unforgettable tour which included curling, cycling, twister and the induction of two new NZ based HT’s (#44 & #50).

#9 excelled on the field all trip, with his usual balance of creativity and mystery also on display in the “finance” portfolio along with the introduction of the new “Poetry, Musings &Homework” portfolio to supplement the declining number of Brotherhood Coasters still in his magic trick bag.

Well done #9, great recognition from your touring teammates to a thoroughly deserving Honest Trundler.

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