#6 is HTNZ19 MOT Winner…

Congratulations to Lance “Forgetalot” Tegg #6 for a richly deserved win in the 2019 HTNZ  Man of Tour award after a significant touring absence.

#6 received the award at Bully Hayes in Akaroa at the conclusion of another unforgettable tour which included a touring party of 15 HT’s, numerous NZHT’s and many 0.5’s.

#6 excelled on the field all trip, with his entertainment value and dress-code sense always guaranteed to delight any audience.

Upon receiving his award from #9 as HTNZ18 winner, Forgetalot responded that his only regret was his long suffering 0.5 Berit being unable to witness this momentous occasion and please take numerous photos in case I ‘forget” this actually happened!

Well done #6, great recognition from your touring teammates to a thoroughly deserving (albeit very forgetful) Honest Trundler.

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