About Us

The Honest Trundlers had a humble beginning in 1995.

The Trundlers were founded as a touring group to view and learn from the elite of the great game. Having studied  the trade, there was a realisation the founders could still be putting it “there or thereabouts’, still squirting singles and relish the cauldron of a diarrhoea finish.

2007 saw the first Honest Trundlers playing tour to New Zealand. You will not find ‘winning’ in the Honest Trundler vocabulary, the goal is to just get through a game and make it to the bar afterwards.

In the tradition of Golden Oldies cricket, you will find the average age of the Trundler would be three-fold that of the best batting average.

The spirit of Trundler cricket is not hard and fast competition, it is a love of the game.